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“Just highly random in a focused way.”

If Wishes Were Curses

An image of the ebook cover for the superhero book Nobody's Hero written by Janeen Ippolito. A female figure and a male figure standing back to back in front of a campervan with a superhero flying in the background.


She’ll change this ex-villain’s image—if they can both stay alive.

Cassie Robinson, junior representative of Power-Up Publicity, is just trying to keep her head down and her career moving. Not easy when she’s required to work with supervillains for the first year of her contract…or else.

But when a new villain client, Mick, announces he’s switching sides, maybe things are looking up. Even if she has to leave her job a bit earlier than the contract and trust an unrepentant thieving speedster.

Then the heroes find Mick—including the relentless Snailman. And her bosses seem absurdly focused on getting Cassie back. Caught between the hovering heroes and her menacing company, Cassie must team up with the villain who literally swept her off her feet and whisked her away to his secret lair.

Speaking of which, that lair could use some redecorating…

A fast-paced superhero story with banter, action, a pinch of slow-burn romance, and yes, the infamous Snailman.

Hey there, friend

I’m so glad you’re here.

I write books with marvelous misfits and trickster heroes in fresh fantasy worlds. You can find me penning fairy tales, steampunk adventures, urban fantasy, and superhero hijinks.

I’m also a book and business strategist who helps multi-passionate authors create and grow businesses that they love. The key to author success isn’t a formula, but a journey that flows from your convictions, unique brain, and life season. You bring your goals, I bring just the right tips, tricks, and insight (that I’ve gleaned from 14+ years of experience), and together we take your stories + author life to the next level.

In my spare time, I swordfight with my missionary husband, play the ukulele, and collect a slew of random hobbies. I’m also a die-hard mood reader and a massive fandom nerd (everything from Star Trek to Marvel to MasterChef).

“Have I told you that I’m grateful you aren’t imaginary?” –Thorns at Sunrise

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