Let’s Chat

First, here are a few quick, third-person bios you can grab for an author feature or conference program. Click here for a full media kit. (Scroll down to get personal.)

Fiction Author Bio

Janeen Ippolito writes marvelous misfits and heroic tricksters. She’s the bestselling, award-winning author of over 20 books, including urban fantasy, steampunk fantasy, fairy tales, and superheroes. She’s also an experienced editor, coach, and marketing strategist at Author Elevate, where she equips fiction authors for sustainable success. You can find her hanging out at the Author Elevate YouTube Channel sharing author interviews, savvy marketing tips, fun book features, and epic encouragement. In her spare time, she sword fights, plays ukulele, mood reads, and binges her favorite fandoms. She loves to collaborate and encourage, so connect with her on social media or at jiauthor[dot]com.

General Speaker Bio

Janeen Ippolito believes that stories change the world. She’s the award-winning author of over 20 books, including bestselling fiction, author resources, and poetry. For seven years she was the CEO of an award-winning small press. Janeen is also an experienced editor, coach, and marketing strategist at Author Elevate, where she equips  authors for sustainable success. She hosts the Author Elevate YouTube Channel and is an in-demand conference speaker and teacher. In her spare time, she helps her husband with his youth swordfighting ministry, mood reads, binges her favorite fandoms, and plays ukulele. She loves to collaborate and encourage, so connect with her on social media or at jiauthor[dot]com.

Okay, let’s go deeper:

Some people say I do all the things

Maybe that means I’m a multi-passionate creative and entrepreneur and just ambitious enough to say “I refuse to give up any of these passions, so let’s make them work.”

Maybe that means I’m an ADHD/ASD/OSDD-1/SPD overcomer with a brain that won’t quit and an inability to sleep well if I have a crazy idea to chase.

Surprise: It’s actually both.🙃

It might also be because:

– I’m a bestselling, award-winning author of 23+ published books
I started out teaching in classrooms – everything from business ESL to adults to elementary Classical education to high school English.
The first full-length book I finished caught interest from a publishing house (I pulled out because I was more interested in fantasy than contemporary romance). I wrote four manuscript after that before I actually published book.
I was a founding member and the CEO of Uncommon Universes Press – an award winning small publishing house that existed from 2016-2023.
I’ve hosted three podcasts (Indie Book Magic, Own Your Unique Words, Author Elevate), and currently run the Author Elevate YouTube Channel.
I’ve helped hundreds of authors fix plot holes, master edits, finish books, sign with agents, get publishing contracts, self-publish, increase their sales – and create author businesses that align with their convictions, work with their life seasons, and make the world a better place.

But the truth is, I’m also a mid-thirties professional who lives with chronic conditions, illnesses, and neurological quirks that make me one heck of a misfit–and have given me the life-long mission of finding quicker and easier ways of doing things (because I have limited spoons).

I’m all about uplifting others with my stories, abilities, and existence.

Look, there will always be difficulties. Suffering. Hardship. We live in a fallen world (and after all, the struggle is real 😉 ).

But times of weakness, mistakes, and struggles don’t invalidate us (we have God-given, inherent value).

And whether it be through books that make you laugh and hope (even when life sucks), insightful author help that equips and encourages (even in the trenches), or even just a funny question or meme, I hope you come away from my work inspired, ready to take on life, and glorify God.

A few more random facts

I met my husband swordfighting in college.

I fenced in middle and high school, won medals, and then started full contact sparring in college. That’s when this fun guy with curly hair showed up. And I’m honored to help him in his youth swordfighting ministry to this day.

I can see sounds.

True! I’m highly synesthetic (about
8 different types and counting)


I will try anything you put in front of me.

I’m gluten and dairy free, but I’m also a massive foodie, so if won’t make me sick, I’ll give it a try.

Fun things I’ve eaten include tarantula, raw quail egg, and fish eyeballs.

I’m a massive info-junkie.

I enjoy researching just about everything, from the latest publishing news to philosophy to the world building of Harry Potter (even though I’ve only read the first two books).