Market-Focused Edits

I believe in a market focus because I want readers to find, read, and love your books! Because your book is the #1 way to connect with your audience and reach your finish line. After all, you don’t have ultimate control over the market or over sales (no matter what a guru tells you), but you can control the words in your books to say exactly what they need to.

What a market focus specifically looks like is up to you and your unique goals. Every edit is done with your purposes in mind. You have the vision. I deliver fantastic analysis and feedback to help you achieve that vision in a way that honors your creativity and gives you the best chances for success.

Whether you just need a Targeted Manuscript Review to help with part of your story, or you want a Marketable Manuscript Critique to evaluate all the things, I’m here to help!

Side Effects: manuscript clarity, marketing confidence, getting manuscript requests from agents and editors, signing contracts, self-publishing with confidence in your manuscript, easier book promotion, and increased sales.

“Thank you, Janeen, for the time and effort you put into my book. I feel more confident that I am moving in the right direction with both my book and marketing ideas. You deliver above and beyond what is expected.”

-Diane Werckle as Parker Harrison

Targeted Manuscript Review

A quick review for one specific content issue (plot problem, character development issue, world building, etc), word count reduction, ”it factor” (in the case of agent rejections), or portrayal of a sensitive topic.

I check for authenticity and marketability. This means I check your story content and compare it with genre/market expectations. As always, you have the final say.

The Service Includes

Manuscript Review
I carefully review your manuscript, highlighting themes, noting areas of improvement, and identifying ten marketable quotes.

Market-Focused Feedback
I provide an analysis and editorial letter of your story’s strengths and weaknesses in the area/issue you specify, plus ideas for improvement.

Strategy Session
We’ll have a fantastic 30-minute coaching session, where we’ll brainstorm solutions, ideas, business strategies, and marketing ideas for your book (as applicable). You’ll also receive a custom Bite-Sized Strategy Guide.

Your Investment Today: $.008/word ($350 minimum)

“Check out Janeen Ippolito’s Marketable Manuscript Critique service. She’s smart, knowledgeable, detailed, but also kind in her critique. She helped me pinpoint my issues with precise reports I refer back to again and again. It was worth every penny.”

Ted Atchley III, Author

Marketable Manuscript Critique

A top-notch structural review of your manuscript.

From main plot concept to character arcs to description, this critique evaluates every part of your manuscript for maximum marketability.

This functions as a developmental edit that combines expert storytelling critique with insightful marketing comments, plus plenty of encouraging feedback.

This Service Includes

Big Picture Manuscript Critique
I read your manuscript and leave big-picture comments (1-3 per page) highlighting areas that need work and areas that shine (plus, noting marketable quotes and themes).

5+ Page Organized Evaluation
You receive a 5+ page critique that includes strategic, specific feedback on plot, characterization, setting, theme, and marketability (usually you get at least 7 pages back).

Editorial Letter + Marketable Quotes
You also receive a editorial letter that summarizes all the feedback with areas of concern – and areas where your manuscript excels! You’ll also get 10+ marketing quotes in a separate document so you can start connecting with potential readers right away.

Post-Edit Consult
You get a half-hour video coaching session where you ask any questions and we’ll brainstorm solutions and great ideas for your story. Finally, you receive a Bite-Sized Strategy Guide detailing your next steps for success!

Your Investment Today: $.015/word ($350 minimum)

“Janeen is the editor you want when you’re tackling a complex book, are stuck on a plot problem or unsure of a character’s journey. Her market-minded approach helps identify things that work for the genre you’re writing in as well as what might not work. She pushed me to write a different ending for my book that was 100% what needed to happen.”

-Becky Gaines, Author

Page-Turning Line Edit

A detailed analysis of your story at the line by line level. Includes examination of story pacing, effective descriptions, and overall readability.

Extensive Line Edit
I read your manuscript to check for flow, structure, grammar issues, chapter openings and closings, pacing, and all the other details that keep a story moving forward and enthralling your readership.

Editorial Letter + Marketable Quotes
You also receive additional notes as an editorial letter summarizing the work that needs to be done and celebrating where your story shines. You’ll also get 10+ marketing quotes in a separate document so you can win at marketing!

Post-Edit Consult
You get a half-hour video coaching session where you ask any questions and brainstorm solutions. Then you will receive an email with additional notes and a summary (and an optional recording of the video session).

Your Investment Today: $.015/word ($350 minimum)

“The book you edited was offered a contract. I strongly believe your edits really did the trick. They brought the book to life and really let it shine.”

-Tori V. Rainn, author

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