Business Consulting

Do you want to start a creative small business – but have no idea where to start?

You want to set up a side hustle that works with your life season and flow but everyone is talking corporate jargon. You can learn jargon, but you also want to build a business your way – not according to someone else’s pattern. You need to find that middle ground between your creativity and the realities of commerce.

Or are you already running a small business but you’re stuck on where to go next?

You thought your idea worked, but then the industry drastically shifted. What do you do now? You need to pivot while keeping your core priorities and passions alive.

Or maybe you feel like you’re doing way too much.

Solopreneurs and owners of small businesses wear many hats – especially if you’re creating the products as well as selling them! It can lead so quickly to burnout.

I’m here to help.

My creative business consulting gives you clarity, proven strategies, and specialized guidance to help you accomplish your goals and create space for your life (because I firmly believe you should have a life).

There is a better way.

With over 14 years of business experience, an obsession with efficiency, and a deep respect for your unique goals and callings, I’m here to take your creative business to the next level.

“I was looking for a clear direction in my work. Janeen was a lifesaver. She gave me clarity and focus. After our call, my stomach was no longer in a knot. I could breathe again. This girl has skills!”

-PeggySue Wells, multi-published author, consultant, and speaker

Clarity Calls

All sessions include pre-session materials review and custom questionnaire, a 60 minute consult session, and a personalized Bite-Sized Strategy Guide.

The Quick-Start
Leaping into creative business life for the first time? We’ll get you focused and on-target for your future success.

The “I’m Stuck!”
Got a thorny problem to deal with? Too many opportunities to sift through? No idea where to find the time? This is your session for solutions.

The Marketing Evaluation
Whether it be a social media evaluation, an audience engagement survey, or content creation ideas, this is your spot for customized strategies.

Your Investment: $159

Ready for a long-term investment in your amazing skills? Ask about my Business Mentorship Packages.

“Janeen is amazing. She will help you break through the walls that are keeping you from leveling up in your business. With her help, I went confidently into the launch of my author services, knowing I was right on track and could make the sales.”

-Sharon L. Hughson, author, coach, and consultant

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